Legends (2016)

by The Last King



(Re)recorded, mixed and mastered entirely by us! We're sick of having to push the album back but it will be worth it. Stick with us and stay metal!


You thought you could pull one over on me?

You thought you were better than me?

Well here’s an “I” statement for you

I am legend

Trudging through this shit filled world,

Of lies and deceit

I will take what I can

I will live on

Continuity is breaking down

Your lies are bursting at their seams

Spewing forth from your forked tongue

You wanna step to me? I’ll lay you flat on your ass.

There’s no rhyme or reason to this,

You are a piece of shit and you know it

I don’t know how you even sleep at night

You were never a man to begin with

And you sure as hell aren’t one now

Why bother continue breathing?

This life is over for you.

Step the fuck back down, you’ll never amount to anything

It’s pretty hard to live as a bastard child

From a broken home, there isn’t much to this

I will see the end (reflected in your eyes)

You are just a child (left alone and forgotten)

I will never be sorry (these actions are justified)

Step the fuck back off

Step the fuck back off, end your life


released May 23, 2016
Brett - Guitar
Taylor - Bass
Derek - Drums
Eric - Vocals/Producer



all rights reserved


The Last King New Hampshire

Reviving Deathcore in New England. Wanna book us? lastkingbooking@gmail.com We'll play just about anything.

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